Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My cake business

Right now I'm concentrating on my cake business. I'm meeting with graphic artist Lisa Fu on Thursday to start working on my company logo. Business has been picking up lately. My website http://empressivecakes.net has been bringing me a few customers. I can't complain, I'm new in the cake decorating business. I've been away from my full-time job as an RN, for about a month, so I've been keeping myself busy making gumpaste roses and making chocolate chip cookies. But I really feel in my heart that I could do cake decorating full-time and be happier. Maybe it's the sugar and the extra calories that has me falling in love...

Abby Cadabby Birthday Cake

I made this Cake for my niece's first birthday this past Sunday. The cake was yellow butter cake with raspberry and cream cheese buttercream filling. I covered the cake with fondant and made all the decorations out of gumpaste. Right now I'm working on two cakes. One wedding cake and a Hanna Montana birthday Cake.


Hello Everyone, I'm Karen the owner of Empressive cakes. I'm a cake decorator/artist